The Quadruped


Are you a cat or a dog person?  I’m a dog gal.  No offense intended to cat lovers but I’m violently allergic to the little darlings so dogs are for me!

My first pet was a gift for my fifth birthday.  He was supposed to arrive in November but finally arrived in January, in the middle of a snow storm.  He was appropriately named Snowball.  I cherished Snowball.  He was the perfect companion and, upon returning home after my first semester of college, I was devastated  to learn Snowball was gone to Doggie Heaven.

For the first time in my memory, we were dogless. Even my Dad’s hunting dogs had gone to that great Dove field in the sky.  Fast forward to my second year of law school, another birthday, and Dad arrived bearing this wonderful, wiggling gift of a black and tan dachshund.  It was love at first sight.  Tippy saw me through the remainder of law school, the bar exam, and my first years of practice.  He was my constant companion.


My current quadruped is Kenan.  She is a beautiful, miniature dachshund of the English cream, long-haired variety.  She loves a good cuddle and believes herself to be three times her actual size.  In otherwords, she is a typical dachshund.  A constant companion, she possesses the tenacity of the breed and with surgical skill immediately removes any squeaker from a toy.  She is a toy hound and is frequently found with the carcass of what was once a stuffed toy in her mouth.


Did I mention that she is a frequent traveling companion?  She is an excellent flyer.  Never a peep from her while on Delta.  She enjoys a ride in her stroller around the market in Charleston or a walk in White Point Gardens near the Battery.  Even better is a run down the beach or playing tag with the waves, an evening walk around the neighborhood, or a Sunday hike.   She is a blessing in every sense of the word.


As for me, what is better than the joy of being loved by such a wonderful quadruped!


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