The detour taken

I am truly my father’s daughter.  I realized that today as I took an unplanned detour on the way home. It was so like my Dad.


It was a frequent weekend occurrence to end up in our Ford Ltd. station wagon exploring some back road in North Carolina.  Dad always had a destination in mind. Sometimes he would share other times we would find out when we arrived at the destination.  We might end up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or an old family graveyard, or a country store reputed to have the best sugar-cured ham around.  Barbecue was another favorite destination.  It was an adventure.  It broke the routine.  It took us to the new and different.

Life is so busy these days.  It seems like every minute is planned and then there is the pull, just take that exit, see what is around the bend in the road . . . .  My inner adventure voice whispers to me, see what is around the corner that you don’t anticipate!  Explore that destination you saw in Southern Living or heard about last weekend.


So today as I made my way home, I took that exit.  I silenced my inner voice that was listing everything that waited for me at home.  For two years I’d heard about this wonderful nursery/market somewhere near Orange.  I decided to find it.  The detour took me through beautiful rolling hills around Charlottesville with exquisite views of the Blue Ridge mountains.  I eventually found my destination with a bit of help from my gps and Iphone.   All told, it was an hour out of my life and worth every second.  I found myself thinking about fun stuff and not my to do list.  I enjoyed the scenery colorful and beautiful with the changing leaves. I found a whole new town with amazing antique stores.  I will be back there to explore  another day.

I made it to my destination and found this wonderful space tagged as a Virginia treasure.  There I found inspiration for fall decorating with pumpkins and gourds as well as the most wonderful lunch restaurant.  I opted for cider since I was driving but there was a wine option as well.

I tapped into my father’s wanderlust and sense of adventure.  There was something so fun about the journey, the detour and even more satisfying that it was a journey taken.  It was a break and restoration.  I tapped into a different part of me that needed to wake up from the nap it was taking.  Somehow I feel like I’m better for my detour, that I rejuvenated a part of me.

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