Heirloom cooking, vegetable soup and leftovers

IMG_9257My Mom’s vegetable soup is  a favorite.  I have fond memories of a bowl of soup, a grilled cheese sandwich and a rerun of an episode of Perry Mason with my Mom.

I’ve never quite mastered Mom’s recipe for her soup.  I think part of the reason is she used leftovers.  Ever the home economist, nothing was left to waste.  At the same time, my Dad was not fond of leftovers.  He called them reused food inferring that it was less than appealing, even when it was.  Mom’s trick was to repurpose her leftovers in a disguised manner that would pass muster for even the most discriminating, thus pot roast became vegetable soup.

I’ve come to appreciate Mom’s thrifty character.  Her table was always wonderful and healthy.  She was rail thin and I credit that to not only her genes but the way she cooked. Her ability to create wonderful meals that were inexpensive was brilliant and led to many “extras” as I grew up.  She was born just before WWII and her parents instilled in her that Depression era thriftiness and waste not philosophy.  I think she was on to something, spend wisely and save for a rainy day.

Mom’s vegetable soup / pot roast

1 two-pound roast, salt and pepper to taste and flour lightly

potatoes diced

carrots diced

onion diced

Place in Dutch oven with beef stock and cook slowly for several hours until done.  Serve for dinner.   Refrigerate left overs in pot over night.  Shred remainder of roast with a fork. Add two large cans diced tomatoes and juice, beef stock, one bag frozen mixed vegetables, one bag frozen white corn, one medium diced onion, one large potato diced, one rib celery diced and additional carrots, salt and pepper to taste.  Cook on low for several hours.

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