Photo caption:  Ljubljana dragon


This time last year I was enjoying a week-long vacation in Slovenia.  What an amazingly beautiful country with a rich history from Rome to independence.  The country has Alps, the sea-coast, hot springs and everything in between.  A former communist country that was once part of Yugoslavia under Tito, it is this splendid secret get away.  The people were gracious and spoke English! Another plus, the trip was relatively inexpensive.


I took Delta to Paris with a hop to Ljubljana arriving on Halloween.  If you travel at this time of year remember that All Saints Day is a national holiday and most things are closed.  Slovenia was part of the Austro Hungarian empire for hundreds of years, then part of Yugoslavia and recently wound its independence.  Located in Central Europe it is an easy drive to Venice or you can enjoy Lake Bled, a glacier lake, Postjana Cave, multiple castles or the wine making industry in Piran.  One of my favorite stops was a church in an olive grove with amazing frescos known as “Dance of the Dead”.  Incredible!

One of my tricks when traveling is to find one spot and use it as my home.  I then use trip advisor and the internet to seek out small and eco friendly tour groups.  The eco friendly groups tend to be small so that works well.  From my home base I can explore the highlights of the area and given the selection of  smaller tour companies you get individual attention.  I spent a week in Slovenia, more than most as the general trend is a day or two stop on the way to another, larger, destination.  I got to see it all from Lake Bled, the glacier lake with hot springs and a medieval church on an island in the center and the Slovenian version of a gondola to take you there to the wine industry.

This was an incredible trip.  If you are looking for an adventure, think outside the box and consider the treasure of Slovenia.

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