Life at home


It’s been ages since I posted.  Between family illness, work and now a pandemic, something had to hit pause and unfortunately this was it. Now I’m determined to reclaim  normalcy.  Okay, maybe now is not the time for “normal” but I have to start somewhere.

I’m cooking more than ever now.  A trip to the grocery is an adventure and I’m missing my Saturday morning routine of farmer’s market and tennis.  Still, there is so much for which I’m grateful.  My endocrinologist recommends eating on the “outside” of the market, no processed foods, so what better time to embrace her advice?  This means I’m cooking.  Breakfast is mini frittatas, buttermilk biscuits, or sausage muffins. Waffles and Bloody Mary’s for Sunday brunch.  Lunch is salad  – chicken, tuna, egg, chef, or taco- or soup – taco, chili, potato.  All homemade.  Dinner is where I’m embracing my creative cooking gene.  New experiments include chicken meatballs, meatloaf, and baked chicken breasts.  Pinterest is my often my inspiration.



Embracing my new normal!


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