Growing up Friday night meant dinner out. As a small child, it was take-out pizza. As I got older and my father more successful, it was dinner at the local Italian diner where the food was amazing and the waitress knew our names and orders by heart. Tonight is Friday night and as dinner time approached I began contemplated dinner and dinner out. Pre COVID, I’d meet friends at a local restaurant for a lovely dinner and fellowship.

I digress here to share that friends and family tell me I’m an excellent cook. My default is to cook. This makes my endocrinologist happy, is figure and pocketbook friendly. With COVID there is the additional incentive to support the local restaurants and be safe.

Around 5:30, I happily reached for my iPad to place my “to go” order. My favorite local pizzeria is wonderful, safe, and makes me want to support them. I duly entered their name and began to place my order. Then I stopped, my normal order is a salad and a slice. With beverage, service, and tip, I usually eat for around $15.00. As I stared at my cart and the total, I paused. Take out with tip would be double my usual. To be fair, I suspect the portions are greater but the reality is I didn’t want more. The more would only be thrown out which seems wasteful. It also started me thinking. This was a choice. How did I want to spend my money? Did I want to spend my money in that manner? How much was I willing to spend on take-out pizza? Was that the best use of the money? What about all the food already in the house?

My Mother always councils that life is a series of choices and the resulting consequences. Some are small others of greater import. Even small choices can build on one another for greater significance.

I opted for the kitchen. Another night I’ll want that pizza more than I did tonight. In the mean time, my piggy bank is a bit fatter tonight.


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