Heirloom Cooking and Miss Mamie’s Chocolate Chess Pie


Growing up some of my favorite memories are spending time in the kitchen with Miss Mamie, my great-grandmother. She was beloved by all and she was an excellent cook. When the kitchen garden came in during the summer everyone spent time picking and processing. Tomatoes, strawberries, butter beans, corn, string beans, squash, cucumber,and cantaloupe, all went through her kitchen and came out on the table for a wonderful dinner.

Everything she cooked was wonderful but her desserts were something special. Her pie crusts were flakey and scrumptious. Cobblers – blackberry was my favorite – but strawberry, peach, and apple found their way to the table all summer long. When we were not scarfing down fruit cobblers we begged from her chess pies – plain, lemon, or chocolate also graced our table. My favorite and the first thing I ever learned to cook was her chocolate chess pie.

Miss Mamie died when I was twelve but she frequently graces my kitchen as I cook. I’ve never mastered her pie crust but I’ve served her chocolate chess pie to many who, like me, find it a favorite.



Chocolate Chess Pie

1 large egg
1 stick of butter
1 square unsweetened baking chocolate – she used Hershey’s
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup sugar.

Melt the chocolate and butter over a low flame on the stove. In a bowl combine egg, sugar, milk and vanilla and slowly add the melted chocolate and butter. Pour into pie crust (I use a prepared one from the freezer section of the grocery store). Cook for 30 minutes at 350.

Let cool and place in refrigerator. The pie is great alone or top with whipped creme or add a scoop of ice cream on the side.


What’s in my beach bag?


I love WIMB posts. The feature of what’s in my bag from purse blog at purseblog.com and sharing on purseforum.com. got me hooked. I’m not certain if it is my inner organizer seeking that elusive greater knowledge of a better way to organize my stuff or if I’m just a snoop at heart. Either way, I love seeing what and how people organize what is in their bag. Now is my turn to share what is in my beach bag!

My beach bag must hold everything I need for a day at the beach or the pool.  I constantly try to edit what I carry but that is something of a lost cause.  In addition to those items pictured here I often add a collapsible dog bowl and Swell bottle of water if the quadruped is along for the day.

My beach bag is from Rae Feather customized with painted stripes and my initials. It is roomy and holds everything I need for a day at the beach.



My iPod and ear buds in a waterproof bag, since music and audiobooks are a must.  Yes, I still have a small iPod that I use on the beach and when I exercise. It is smaller than my phone and great for the audiobooks and music I love to listen to while walking or sitting on the beach.

My kindle full of great books to while away the time while I’m soaking up the sun. I prefer my kindle over my iPad when I’m outside. My iPad tends to over-heat after a few minutes in the sun and the kindle’s liquid paper and lighting makes it easier to read in full sunlight.

Sunny the goldfish full of original recipe fish to munch on during the day.

My towel is a monogrammed bath sheet from Neiman Marcus bought during their white sale. The bath sheet is monogrammed with my initials using Neiman’s in-house service. My preference is white for the ability to spot clean but they have many colors and patterns.

I always wear a hat to block sun from my face. I’m a firm believer in sunscreen and cover ups. I have quite the collection of Master’s baseball style caps and large floppy sun hats.

Evian mist! For those of you who’ve spent any amount of time in the low country you know how hot it can get. My trick is to keep spray bottles of Evian in my refrigerator. When I leave the house, I grab a cold can of Evian and I have a cool spray of water to cool off.

I carry baby wipes for cleaning hands and sunnies and anything else that gets sandy.

Towel clips to keep my towel in place are necessary.   It can get windy on the beach! These are part of a set of eight I found on Amazon. I also have a whimsical set that look like whales.

I keep lots of sunscreen in my bag. At the start of the summer I lather on nothing less than 50!

Filling up the rest of my bag is a koozie for my drink of choice, sunnies, Tory Burch swimsuit and flip flops, and a J. McLaughlin tunic as my coverup.

I keep a zip pouch that was a gift from my cousin in my bag that holds the smaller pieces and my keys.

What’s in your beach bag?