Language please . . .




Language is powerful. The right word at the right time can cheer you up, encourage you and simply make your day. The reverse is also true.

Growing up my parents make it quite clear that the use of coarse language was unacceptable. Ever the Daddy’s girl I never wanted to see the disapproval on his face that would come with the use of language he characterized as unladylike. My BFF’s mother describes curse words as evidence of a limited and uncreative vocabulary and upon witnessing the use of coarse words would immediately request a list of ten socially acceptable synonyms.

I was reminded of this in a recent encounter with a highly successful gentleman (I am being kind here) in a social setting. This gentleman was quite handsome and successful possessing all the qualities that should make him attractive to any woman in the room. That is until he opened his mouth. Every other word was the f-bomb. His language had the immediate effect of turning Prince Charming into a toad.

Language is a beautiful thing. Your vocabulary and the way you expresses yourself is a window into who you are. It is the way to let your creative genius shine, to broadcast that you are interesting and have something unique to contribute. Language is the path to meeting new people and exploring new relationships. It opens us up to something and someone new.

The constant use of a the f-bomb, that in the correct circumstances might be powerful, rendered the word powerless and the speaker boring. Instead of charming his way into the group his language had the impact of kryptonite on Superman repelling those who might have found him interesting.

As I walked away from Prince Charming, I found myself smiling and thinking – ten socially acceptable synonyms please.